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Latam Cross Border Service Co.,Ltd.
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       Latam (Shenzhen) International Warehousing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Latam Cross Border Service Co., Ltd. or Latam Cross Border Service) is committed to becoming a customer-centric, covering Mexico's local customs clearance, logistics, LTL, vehicle, warehousing and packaging. A comprehensive service enterprise.

       We rely on a solid network foundation, excellent talent pool, safe operation mode and rich operating experience and customer first service tenet. Always follow the needs of customers and continue to innovate, to provide customers with time-saving, trouble-saving, worry-saving, cost-saving, safe and reliable warehousing and logistics services.

       Our company has innovated on the basis of traditional warehousing and logistics, and now covers e-commerce warehousing and distribution services throughout Mexico, and has excellent WMS warehousing management and OMS order management systems. The company adheres to "carrying trust" and "helping success" , The service concept of "cooperation and win-win". Maintain a determined and enterprising attitude, focus on quality, and strengthen the talent strategy. Through continuous technological innovation, information-based delivery mode. Persist in a model of high efficiency, self-examination, and a combination of suggestions to improve into a more professional overseas warehouse service operator.

Contact Us Contact: Mr. Lin
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Address: B4-201, Shunjing Pioneer Park, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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