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How do cross-border sellers choose Mexican overseas warehouses?
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The sellers are no strangers to the overseas warehouse. We all know that it is the best choice to solve the shortage of storage capacity. The overseas warehouse has also become a new foreign trade infrastructure to support the development of cross-border e-commerce and expand the international market. However, the seller's friends are still very distressed about the choice of overseas warehouse. At least five overseas warehouse service providers give you a choice one day. The number of overseas warehouses in the market is huge. How on earth should the seller choose Mexico overseas warehouse?


1. Look at the scale. If we choose overseas warehouses with a certain scale and large storage capacity, the corresponding cargo planning and disposal will be more orderly and safe, while small overseas warehouses are relatively lacking in resources, strength and management.


2. Look at the management system. If the overseas warehouse has mature overseas warehouse management, it can bring seamless operation and experience. For example, our WMS warehousing management and OMS order management system for Latin America (Shenzhen) international warehousing can support B2C refined warehouse distribution logistics operation management, as well as business tracking, inventory management and other business operation management needs.


3. Look at the service management ability. For example, the handling capacity of goods depends on the shelf and ex warehouse timeliness, the error rate of goods, the daily warehouse response capacity, and the after-sales problem handling. If there is a strong after-sales management team, these daily operation management and problem handling can be solved timely and fully.


4. See the demand matching degree. For example, whether the selected overseas warehouse can provide professional services for furniture, accessories and other special products. After all, the products are different, which may cause wear and tear of products due to equipment and technology. Therefore, special commodities, especially large products, should pay more attention to the matching degree of overseas warehouses.


5. Look at the cost performance ratio. The price of various services and storage fees is also a big factor. It is recommended to choose a price with good quality and moderate price. Because there are so many thunderstorms at low prices, it depends on the overall cost performance ratio. Only a reasonable profit can provide better service.


In a word, sellers can choose overseas warehouses with high reputation, good reputation and mature system according to their product needs and the actual situation of the company, so that they can control risks to a greater extent and reduce accidents.

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