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With the increasing popularity of overseas warehouses, how should cross-border sellers choose high-quality service providers?
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There are too many pits to step on to do cross-border e-commerce! From the platform to peers, from logistics to delivery, if there are many rules on the platform, but the sellers are treated equally, then the Caikeng will have its own characteristics when the sellers choose to cooperate with cross-border logistics service providers. Various chaos of cross-border logistics, which is a mixture of good and bad, occur frequently. In particular, in the past two years, the demand for overseas warehouses has soared with the advantage of going to sea. More and more unknown overseas warehouses have emerged. The overheated market has led to immature services and industries that affect the smooth development of cross-border e-commerce trade. The country and leading enterprises are also stepping up the formulation of industry norms.


The business connotation of overseas warehouse is much more complex than its name. It is not only a storage space, but also an extremely fragmented service system. The various processes delivered from the beginning to the end need not only the support of professional talent teams, but also more advanced digital and intelligent technology empowerment in the face of the growing business volume of overseas warehouse.


However, at present, there are many inexperienced companies, lack of talents and management systems, and backward equipment are frequently used by hot workshop style overseas warehouse companies. They may rely on low prices and exaggerated publicity to attract customers. Although the business volume is small, there are few resources, and the ability to resist risks is weak. In case of peak sales, turnover management problems are likely to occur, and in case of accidents, they are likely to dump the pot or even refuse to communicate, or even run away with money. In the face of goods that have disappeared from afar, the seller is completely unaware of the situation and can only look at it with a black eye.


For cross-border sellers, choosing a high-quality overseas warehouse service provider is not only to deliver goods to customers smoothly. With reliable logistics, sellers can not only not worry about the storage and transportation of goods, but also focus more on optimizing e-commerce operations and expanding their business scope. Therefore, in order to avoid pitfalls in overseas warehouses, sellers must understand and investigate the situation of third-party overseas warehouses before cooperation.


1. Understand the background of enterprise strength

The construction and operation of overseas warehouses are not trivial. As a new infrastructure supporting cross-border trade, overseas warehouses need to be supported by strong funds, resources and talent teams, and have independent warehousing space and necessary facilities overseas. Strong overseas warehouse services will also continue to invest in their own human resources, technology and equipment innovation, and have good market reputation, qualifications and industry endorsement.


2. Check whether the management is standardized

The standardized and mature business capability of overseas warehouse has been tested by the market. The management system has been constantly improved in the service. The service personnel have smooth and friendly communication, high degree of standardization of operation, few cases of loss of goods, and even in the event of loss of goods and other accidents, there is also perfect service compensation support; However, informal warehouses, such as private warehouses, garages, small workshops, etc., not only have doubts about the stability and security of goods, but also lack correct service attitude towards customers. Sellers should not choose easily because of the low price of such service providers.


3. Check whether the operation process system is rigorous.

Formal overseas warehouses will develop and disclose clear cargo operation processes, which can explain in detail for sellers and ensure that the processes are interlinked. In particular, high-quality overseas warehouses will also use intelligent warehousing technology with a high degree of intelligence to greatly improve the efficiency and safety of cargo operation. However, due to the imperfect system of informal overseas warehouse, many loopholes and random management, it is difficult to negotiate the system by yourself, so we must carefully dig into it during the negotiation to find out whether its business is systematic and rigorous.


Of course, in addition to the above, high-quality overseas warehouses will continue to be upgraded and updated with the development of cross-border e-commerce industry, closely following the trends and needs of all parties. Latin America International WarehousingMexico Overseas WarehouseThe service provider is in a leading position in terms of scale, system, service and other aspects, and can handle every piece of goods for every cross-border customer with professional attitude. The overseas warehouse business of Latin America International Warehousing can withstand the inspection and inspection of every cross-border seller.

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